The University of Sydney

Timetable Unit

Session Calendars for 2020

Session ID
Session Name
S1C Semester 1
S2C Semester 2
S2CE Semester 2 Early
S1CRA Semester 1a
S1CRB Semester 1b
S2CRA Semester 2a
S2CRB Semester 2b
S2CRAE Semester 2 Early A
S2CRBE Semester 2 Early B
S1CIJA Intensive January
S1CIFE Intensive February
S1CIMR Intensive March
S1CIAP Intensive April
S1CIMY Intensive May
S1CIJN Intensive June
S2CIJL Intensive July
S2CIAU Intensive August
S2CISE Intensive September
S2CIOC Intensive October
S2CINO Intensive November
S2CIDE Intensive December