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SAMP1001 Lecture

Weeks 1-7, 9-13
Carslaw Lect Theatre 157 *

SAMP1003 Lecture

Weeks 1-7, 9-13
Bosch Lecture Theatre 1 *

SAMP1004 Tutorial

Weeks 5, 12
CPC Flexible Dry Space 1

SAMP1004 Practical

Weeks 3, 7


Weeks 1-13

SAMP1002 Practical

Weeks 2-13
SIT Lab 115

SAMP1001 Practical

Weeks 2-12
Biochemistry 380

SAMP1001 Lecture

Weeks 1-13
New Law LT 101 *

SAMP1002 Lecture

Weeks 1-13
Architecture LT 1 *

SAMP1003 Seminar

Weeks 1-5 and Mar 31
Badham 145 Tut Room 2

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Code Name Notes
SAMP1001 Sample Unit 1
SAMP1002 Sample Unit 2
SAMP1003 Sample Unit 3 This unit of study is not on the central timetable for this semester.
SAMP1004 Sample Unit 4 Please contact the department to get your practical group allocation.